Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy having a look around and finding out a bit more about me. I’ve made up stories for as long as I can remember, but never really took it any further. Concentrating on my career and family, writing went on the back burner until a catalyst called cancer gave me a major kick up the proverbial.  I decided I was going to write that novel after all.

Since having by debut novel published in 2015, things have happened quite quickly and I have recently released my sixth novel.  I’ve been able to fulfil a childhood dream of walking into WHSmiths and buying a book with my name on it, had novels in numerous Kindle top tens and seven number one Amazon chart bestsellers over the last year or so.  I write mainly contemporary women’s fiction, when I’m not knee deep in assignments in my day job as a university tutor.

I set most of my books by the sea in Kent, where I live with my own family – so close to the edge of the Channel that we’re practically French.  My ambition is to drink tea and make stuff up on a full time basis, and, if you follow me on Twitter @J_B_Writer, I might even say something interesting one of these days… although I wouldn’t hold your breath.