SEB 5Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by. If you like reading women’s fiction that combines a good dose of humour with the odd pull on the heartstrings, then you’ve come to the right place. I hope you enjoy having a look around my website and reading more about my novels, forthcoming novella and short stories on my books page.




In the summer of 2015, I signed a four book deal with Accent Press to write the StSEB 2 Nicholas Bay series. ‘Somebody Else’s Boy’ is the first book in the series and it was released in August 2016.  It tells the story of recently widowed Jack Williams, and his attempt to rebuild a life for himself and his baby son, Toby, in the picturesque seaside town which give the series his name. Jack’s unorthodox living arrangements with his new housemate, drama teacher Nancy, raise eyebrows in the Bay and with friends and family from the life he left behind. Nancy has her own reasons for wanting to escape, not least the burden of the promise she made to someone who no longer remembers her name… Reviewers for ‘Somebody Else’s Boy’ have described it as ‘un-put-downable’, ‘warm, emotional, funny and deep’ and a ‘lovely feel-good book’.


sandmanThe second story in the series ‘The Gift of Christmas Yet to Come’ is a novella that spans two Christmases in St Nicholas Bay. It tells the story of Kate, whose search for motherhood leads her back to her own happy childhood in a seaside town named after Father Christmas himself. Should Kate follow the advice of a psychic who gives her a message from beyond the grave, or take the practical route to motherhood which she’s spent so long planning? ‘The Gift of Christmas Yet to Come’ has been described by reviewers as ‘heart-warming’, ‘truly lovely’ and a ‘real treat of a story’. It will be re-released by Accent Press in November 2016.



‘Among A Thousand Stars’, was released in June 2015 and appeared in three of the londonKindle top ten charts at the same time.  The story is set between the bright lights of London and Ashleigh Hayes’ job as a photographer for celebrity magazine, Glitz, and her childhood home by the sea in Sandgate, Kent.  With a quirky mum, who thinks nothing of stripping naked in front of her friends, a prickly but gorgeous new boss and a best friend who’s hiding secrets of his own, the journey to her happy ever after is anything but smooth.