Dr Evie Daniels has recently lost her mother. Unable to save the person she loved most in the world, she considers giving up medicine altogether; especially when her fiancé is unable to understand her grief. Instead she decides to leave her life in London and fulfil her promise to her mother to see as much of the world as possible. Her first stop is to escape to the wilds of the Scottish highlands and a job as a locum in the remote town of Balloch Pass. It’s only ever meant to be the first step on her journey, though, a temporary job she has no intention of sticking with. There’s a whole world to see and a promise to fulfil, after all.

But she doesn’t expect to be working with someone like Dr Alasdair James – a hometown hero – whose own life changes beyond all recognition when his best friend dies and leaves him guardian to two young children. With enough drama in their personal and professional lives to fill a medical encyclopaedia, they soon develop a close friendship. Can it ever go beyond that when Evie’s determined to see the world and Alasdair has commitments at home he just can’t break? Or are they destined to be forever in the wrong place at the wrong time?

‘A Highland Practice’ is a Kindle chart no.2 bestseller, perfect for fans of shows like Doc Martin, and is available here.

What the reviewers are saying so far:

This is a lovely book – I could almost smell the heather! Realistic characters, great setting, and an exciting plot. I hope we get more from Balloch Pass.  (Linda, Amazon Reviewer)

This novel can leave you breathless at times, not just with the romance, but also the amount of action within it. It can be fast-paced, but slows down nicely for the bits that matter – family, friendship and possibly love? The author has sculpted each of the characters well, each with their own ideas, ideals, backgrounds and baggage and painted a beautiful, picturesque environment for them to live and work in. This is a fantastically good read, a real page turner. You never know what might happen next. Once finished, I’m sure like me, you’ll be left wanting more and I can only hope that the author decides to revisit some of the side characters in this story and turn this into the first of a series.  (Steve, Amazon Reviewer).