Maddie owns her dream business running a combined bookshop and tea rooms, in the beautiful Cornish village of Holly Bay. When Ben arrives looking for a place to rent, Maddie is keen to help him find a home in the town she loves, where they really know how to celebrate Christmas.

Stepping in to help Maddie raise money for a charity that’s close to her heart, and even dressing as an elf on Christmas gift day, Ben seems too good to be true. Letting her guard down, she realises she’s falling for the newcomer, but, when it turns out he’s got a secret that could change her whole life, she can’t wait to see him leave.

Will the storm that breaks out two days before Christmas, and cuts off Holly Bay from the rest of the world, give Ben another chance to prove himself to Maddie? Or is she destined to spend another Christmas with only her books for company?

‘A Holly Bay Christmas’ became an Amazon no.1 bestseller in November 2016 and is available here.  Here’s what the reviewers are saying so far:

Jo Bartlett certainly knows how to tell a good Christmas story. A year or two ago, I read and reviewed her lovely novella, The Gift of Christmas Yet to Come (which, by the way, is being reissued by Accent Press with an absolutely gorgeous new cover) and I thought then that she really knew how to fill her readers with Christmas spirit. A Holly Bay Christmas, is, I’m delighted to report, just as enjoyable, and just as festive. Holly Bay is an absolutely charming little village nestling on the Cornish coast. It’s full of those delightful little shops and businesses that you find in Cornwall, and it’s populated by a community of people who really pull together and care for each other.’ – Sharon Booth Author blog

‘This was one of those books that I meant to just read a chapter or two, late at night and then just kept on reading… and reading… and suddenly I’d finished it. Jo Bartlett writes a lovely story with an easy style that makes you feel as if you are part of the gang standing on the inside canada goose down mittens for women Canada Goose mens sale 2015, gossiping about the locals. The love element was sweet and realistic and I was rooting for Ben and Maddie. Great Christmas story – I’d be happy to live in Holly Bay!’ – Pepperpot, an Amazon reviewer.